Welcome to the Grumpy Glutton

Well, I’m finally ready to get rolling with this site and I suppose I should welcome everyone and talk a bit about the vision I have for it.

I love food, but I also love NOT being overweight so it puts me in a bit of a conundrum.  For the past 10 years I’ve been battling my weight and slowly but surely it has been coming down to an acceptable number.  It’s hard to lose weight when food is so damn good!

So, why grumpy?  Well most foods that titillate the taste-buds are calorie-laden and not very healthy.  I also find that it is hard to restrain myself and have just a small amount of anything tasty, so I usually end up overdoing it.

  • Indulging in too many scrumptious snacks leads to guilt = GRUMPY
  • Too many unhealthy calories leads to weight gain = GRUMPY
  • Weight gain leads to having to ex...
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